Big Family Saturday Night

[Landscape view is recommended on a mobile device]

Mom and Dad are going on a date.
Nothing fancy. A drink down the street.
PBR on tap at the Blue Ox Lounge.
Paul Bunyan stands 14 feet tall.
Date night in a very small town.

Seven girls guard the fort.
Toddlers to teens.
Freshly bathed.
Sponge rollers wrapped in their hair.
Lawrence Welk then Sonny and Cher.

A batch of popcorn.
Mom’s big green mixing bowl.
Everyone pick their favorite Frito Lay.
There’s a trick to this game.
Everyone’s choice cannot be the same.
Your favorite snack is mixed with the rest.
Party mix. The oldest decide.
Party mix because they cannot decide.

The youngest cries.
Her favorite. Her choice. Her Cheetos.
Poured in the big bowl with all of the others.
Babes got a strong-will. She’s very decisive.
I don’t want your Doritos and Fritos to touch my Cheetos!
But this is the way it’s always been done.
Don’t rock the boat little one. Isn’t this fun?!

It is not fun! No it is not!
When we reach the bottom of the bowl.
Her Cheetos are gone.
Just pretzels and old maids.
She kept track as her sisters
Picked Cheetos from the mix.
Life doesn’t seem fair to the youngest of the bunch.
She knows what she wants.
But has to go along for the ride.
I can’t wait ’til I’m grown up so I can decide!

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