Autumn Lake

[Landscape view is recommended on a mobile device]

Perched with pretzel legs
   Her favorite earthen cup by her side,
   She’s embraced by her lover’s sweater.

A gold beam grazes the top of the birch trees.
   Glitter dances its way across the water,
   To kiss the top of her head.

A slow, deep drum–
   A funeral dirge.
   No one has died;
   But everyone is gone.

Labrador’s tongue            laps;
   An insatiable thirst.
Crisp dollar bills hang on the breeze–
   Some fall and tumble,
   Rolling like distant applause

A teakettle fretting.
A dumpling dropping into soup.
Cotton sheets snap in the wind.
A wooden rocker softly whimpers,
   Slow and steady–
   It’s joints aching.

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