Ode to Brown

Following is a List Poem from my Creative Writing class to pay homage to a familiar place. I have written about the employee parking lot at UPS where I work unloading semi trailers while going to school.

[Landscape view is recommended on a mobile device]

The parking lot is dark yet illuminated.

A variety of cars.

A variety of workers.

All come to share the work.

The same parking lot.

Individual people.

Young and old.

Struggling and successful.

Workers and managers.

Has-beens and potential.

Men and women.

Strong and weak.

Poor and wealthy.

Smart and eager.

Dull and discouraged.

Uniformed staff all look the same.

Ready to face the public.

To represent brown.

All brown with hints of gold.

Warehouse workers in thrift store garb,

A circus of personalities.

Not fit for public display.

Some look fancy in their best clothes,

Ready for clubbing.

Denying they are simply cogs in this machine.

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