The Ocean

[Landscape view is recommended on a mobile device]

It glimmers and shimmers
So inviting – jump in
You don’t realize it’s depth
until you are up to your neck
Treading water

I stand at the shore, letting the water
touch my toes
Younger not wiser
I don’t realize how cold it is, just standing
on the shore
Unaware of the danger further out
where the sunshine shimmers on the water
Beauty on the surface
It’s depth covers the carnage below buried at sea

Around the bend beyond my vantage
boats and shipwrecks
litter a rocky shore
Were there any survivors?
How did their journey end?

I paddle my boat further from shore
The waves begin to crest over my head
The sea no longer glistens
Weary – I feel dead

I toss treasures and trinkets
to lighten the load
Things once had value but now
can’t be sold
The boat becomes lighter
I am stronger
My head above water
I am not the same

The sea of debt knows me by name
It won’t drag me down
Won’t swallow me whole
Some day my sail will unfurl
I’ll glide across the water
Enjoy the ride
Enjoy the view
Without the temptation
To dive in again

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