Laugh. Share. Embrace.

I love to make people laugh. Laughter is the most beautiful sound. Rolling on your side because you’re laughing so hard. Struggling to catch your breath. Tears run down your cheeks. You cannot wipe them because you’re laughing uncontrollably. “Thanks. I needed a good laugh…” Me too.

I love to listen. People tell stories of their life as if they are reading a book. I ask questions. Engaged in the plot. I place myself into their story. Strangers say, “I don’t know why I told you all of that…” I suppose it’s because we all need to be heard, especially without predisposed ideas of the author. How liberating!

I love a long hug. When I wrap you in my arms and feel your tense body melt into mine, I like to squeeze tighter and hold you as long as you let me. I empty my mind so the Spirit can pray the words you haven’t spoken. Emotions you cannot articulate. When you say, “How did you know?” I thank God for the gift of empathy. I carry a part of you with me after our embrace and hope I have lightened your load.

I miss you.

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