His Mistress

[Landscape view is recommended on a mobile device]

She didn’t know about his mistress when they met.
It would take years for her to realize
   his mistress was there
   right under her nose.

The mistress had been her childhood friend
Her date many nights
            when she was single.

They married
She moved into his apartment
He kept a mistress in the bedroom and another
      in the living room.

She was unaware
      her childhood friend and companion was his mistress.
Sometimes they would gaze at her together.
She didn’t know how engrossed with the mistress he was.
She too was mesmerized and entertained
   by her jokes, her stories, the captivating drama and mystery she provided.

They bought their first house
     the mistress came along.
She sat in the corner of the bedroom
He liked to fall asleep with her.

This routine carried on for many years     but
     his bride tossed and turned
Unable to sleep with the stories she told
The mistress in their bedroom had to go!

For years this continued
He in the den with the mistress
She in the bedroom
      sleeping        alone.
A few hours later he would join her in bed,
then as soon as he woke,
        he turned on his mistress     again.

The mistress became the babysitter
    A new generation entranced by her stories.
Soon there was a mistress in every room of the house
   except the bedroom, of course.
She joined them for meals
     no family conversation.
     The mistress had their focus.

How could this mistress be so alluring,
      so disceptive?
She realized the damage the mistress had on her family
She grew to resent her
               and still
     so often
she found herself, sitting with her childhood friend
    losing hours that could have been spent
    reading, writing, taking a walk.

Things you cannot do with the television turned on.

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