Blue Skies

[Landscape view is recommended on a mobile device]

There is always blue sky
Even on a cloudy day
It’s there. Beyond the clouds
How high can I jump?
I cannot. Cursed gravity.
I’m stuck to the ground.
And so I fly
As oft as I can
Not everyone’s cup of tea
But I … I love to fly

The jets start to thunder
The pilot hits the gas
Pulls back on the throttle
Liftoff! I am rocked like a baby
Breaking through the cloud-cover
In no time at all, there it is … THE SUN
Blue skies all around
To my left and to my right
That view from the window
Aaaaah! Everything is alright.

I am off of the ground and off of the grid
Can’t reach me up here
Ease my seat back
Sip my beverage
Close my eyes, if I wish
There are blue skies all around
What could go wrong?

True. Things could go haywire
Chances of that are slim
Just a few
When I get in my car
I take my life in my hands
There is no one around to
Flip a bird, cut me off, ride my…

Catch a movie
Read a book
Meet someone new
Hear their story
My attitude lifts as the altitude sores
Blue skies all around me
How could anyone be bored?

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