Nothing To Say

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Her friend asked
What will you do with your special day?
Aside from lunch with her friend,
She had nothing grand planned
Except … she wanted to write
Bring to fruition things she composed,
But, only in her mind.
Some ideas were big,
…some of them small
…perhaps her mood would be whimsy
…write about nothing at all.

Her friend laughed and replied–
I don’t have that much to say.
They carried on with their lunch.
But those words… Oh, they stayed.

Her birthday came just once a year.
A day to herself. She had a plan. Nothing grand.
Yet that phrase resounded and replayed in her head.
She didn’t sit down to write that day
…or the next
…or the next
Several weeks went by before she would pen a word.
What’s there to say? Perhaps she is right.
Books on shelves have hardly been opened.
Does the world need another author?
Another blog undiscovered?

She couldn’t stop verses from filling her head.
Poems, prose and stories – topics galore.
She stopped in her tracks one day in the store.
Reminded that none of the books on the shelf
Were stories or poems caught up in her head.
God gave HER a vision.
He walked with HER on this journey.
He gave HER a gift to paint pictures with words.
What matters to HIM is that she get them out of her mind.
Let go of the things bottled up in her mind
Tell a story. Write a verse. Use your wit if you can–
Lighten up your mind and your heart with your pen.

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