Cherrypicked and Sugarcoated

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Prayin’ for loved ones to start goin’ to church
God responds in His time
Oh Lord, not THAT one I meant come to MINE!
That one cherrypicks the gospel
Sugarcoats your word
Seeks the lost. Lets them be.
Washed by grace.
Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
Sinnin’ their heads off all of the time!

His smile is deceptive
Her words are crass
Focus on the book deal
The mansions and the cash.
Tell the truth. Be accountable.
There’s One Way.
In the end each will reckon
Everything that they say
Even that preacher who got lost in the hay.

Our days have become darker
Folks think it’s the end
People look for high ground
A port in the storm
I wish they had something
On which they could build.
Cherrypicked. Sugarcoated.
A sandy foundation
A walk on the beach
Could lead to high ground
A safe place they could reach.
If they knew HIM instead of our preach.

Love one another in spite of oneself
Grace has been given, all one in the same
Start somewhere. Stumble on the way
Crawl before walking
Warm up just a bit before running the race.

The meal we serve can be so hard to chew
Lined with fat, filled with grizzle
Faith muscle that’s hard to digest
Start a babe slowly
With milk near your chest
Washed by the blood–
What does that mean?
I didn’t ask Him to die
I don’t even know who HE is
We are all washed by His grace
Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Speak softly. Speak slowly.
Come where they are.
Walk the beach. Hold their hand.
Lead them to where He can be found.
Don’t point to the church
That place on the hill.
The buildings are empty
Our government disbanded.
A season perhaps. When will it end?
Never meant to be found inside walls.
The Body. The Church. It’s inside those who believe.
Love one another. Serve God above self.
Pray big prayers for all that are lost
Show them the Way. The Truth and the Light.
Get off of that soapbox and speak with your life.

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