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I like my circles tight. Small.
A tight circle, I share my heart.
A large circle, I simply observe.
I see so much as I sit in the corner–
Then, look down at my navel, that place within.
From where did I come?
Where will I go?
It’s good to look inward rather than put on a show.

I write, alone.
My heart is wide open.
I post.
I open the door for anyone to walk in.
And now, it is you and I.

After I post, my heart skips a beat.
Why do I do this?
Wear my heart like a rag. Transparent.
Often melancholy, instead of elation.
No one wants to read such darkness
Why don’t you step into the light?
I am in His light. Following His lead.
Redeem what was broken. Crushed.
Not asking for pity but for His delight.

I walk into the valley to find souls where they are.
A whisper to ask, “Is anyone there?”
Come with me. You aren’t alone.
I once felt the same. Weary. Despair.
Feeling abandoned–
Lean closer, He said. A soft whisper.
I know your name. I know your heart.
I had a plan for you, right from the start.

Come out of this valley and into the Light
Sit on this warm rock ’til you can continue the fight.
To get out of this rut
There’s a view at the top.
Release the burden you carry. Weighing you down.
The pack on your back. Secrets within.
Leave them here. Take my hand.
A New Life. Begin.


Looking for a warm rock to rest?
This is my favorite poem, written long ago [By David]

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