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I take a deep breath and knock out tasks
Like a lumberjack clear-cutting a forest
One at a time, sometimes two or three, if I can
Constantly on the go
My mind never rests; not even when I sleep
Missed deadlines and airplanes departing
Luggage isn’t packed
Still wearing pajamas
I wake in a panic— only a dream
Whew! Hit the snooze.
Avoid the inevitable just a bit longer.

Constantly juggling
Family, work, a business on the side
Loving what I do and sharing what I love
But wishing I didn’t love so much

Momma said there’d be days like this.
Did she?
Busy baking. Committees.
Doing this and that.
Running here and there.
Good at so much. Was affirmation her goal?
No time to read stories or play a game
Always on the go.
Mom never told me there’d be days like this.
Looking back, now I know.
Momma was running to beat the blues.

They say, “I don’t know how you do it all!”
I smile but envision a list of incomplete tasks.
My family. Self-care. Jesus. Far less than ideal.
They told me I could have it all. Gen X.
Family. Career. Social life. Dream big!

A sucker punch to the gut.
The rug pulled out from below.
So much lost but wisdom gained.
I let go of the wheel and look at my hands–
A bird in each hand is worth two in the bush.
I don’t have it all but I have enough.

Exhausted, I stand with my hands outstretched–
Release what I need to receive His blessing.
No longer daunted.
No longer in control.

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