In Dreams

[Landscape view is recommended on a mobile device]

Suicide hotline, will you please hold?
Let me know if you need anything.

I’ll keep you on my heart and mind.
We should get together more often.

No one brings a casserole when you’re blue.
Post a hotline number to show
someone is always listening.
Is anyone listening?
No one is really paying attention.
You cannot see true blue in your newsfeed because

IT isn’t there.

Void of emotion
Anti-social media

The cry isn’t loud.
No one can hear.
No one can see, even when near.
So much pain but

It rolls down the cheek
Disappears on the pillow
A gentle weep then fall asleep
Where she feels alive again.

One thought on “In Dreams

  1. It makes me sad. There can’t be a more helpless feeling for a loved one than not being able to get through the barrier and make things better. In so many cases it’s the elephant in the room. 😒


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