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I always wanted to be a momma.
An imbedded desire in my heart
I don’t know why.
It has always been in my soul.
Perhaps it was a passion in my spirit
To love someone unconditionally
And to realize unconditional love in return.

Perhaps to see a miracle
The inseparable blend of your father and I
A tangible representation of our love.
His beautiful blue eyes and quirky toes.
Your every feature looks like his.
Yet people say you look like your mother.
We giggle.
Just my cheekbones and a fierce strong will.
Everything else is your daddy.
Your free spirit and tranquil nature.

I’m grateful his influence
Captured your attention.
I’m grateful your attention
Captured his influence.

Despite a maddening intent for perfection
Out of control trying to maintain the same
Somehow we have arrived
This place that seems off kilter
Yet somehow comfortable.
A misshapen sweater
Looks a fright but keeps us warm.

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