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Delight in your misfortune.
A polite word for ill will.
You had it coming.
What comes around goes.
Your bad luck to swallow my bitter pill.
My spite. Your fate.

Drinking poison to watch another person die.
Unforgiveness and anger.
Gossip and slander.
Vindicate oneself rather than wait.
Wait for what?
For hell to freeze over?

We stuff our emotions in a huge stock pot.
Stir up the stew with stories retold.
Iron sharpens iron except when it cuts.
Like a knife straight to the heart.

Pay a bill that’s already been paid.
Who would do that?
Of course you would not.
And yet … we do.
Just be still and wait.

He paid it all.
Came down to earth.
Laid it all on the line.
Let go and let God.
Our vindicator, it’s true.

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