Shades of Blue

[Landscape view is best on a mobile device]

I know what you have. It sounds like just mine.
You have the blues. How much have you cried?
My sister was blue after her baby was born.
My mom was blue after daddy was gone.
Each blue is different. They are not the same.
Each person is different. Their blues have a name.
Vitamin deficient.
Poetic. You’re too deep.
It boggles physicians.
Treat it with pills or simply just listen.
Is it the heart or the head or something altogether different.
Blues are not the same from one to another.
Don’t put all of the eggs in one basket.
Don’t label your friends without looking inside.
It might be their heart.
It might be their head.
It might be that no one has heard.
Emotions held hostage deep down inside.
Don’t view mental health by the picture you paint.
Someone’s blue might be different then the shade that you pick.
It’s sticky.
It’s messy.
It makes people sick.
Stress, trauma, worry and plight.
It’s temporary in passing.
Inside it’s a fight.
Sleep it off.
Take a pill.
Have a drink.
Buy new shoes.
Run yourself ragged.
Are you chasing the blues?
Or are the blues chasing you?
Don’t isolate.
Don’t contemplate.
Don’t think your alone.
Your shade of blue is unique.
It’s as unique as you.
You are not defined by your shade of blue.
You are not limited to one color in your palette.
Don’t paint yourself into a corner.
Because someone has judged the blue that’s inside.
There is help. Keep asking.
Lean in when you’re weak.
We weren’t created to carry our burdens alone.
Your feelings are real. You aren’t going crazy.
Looking down for so long.
Your perspective could be hazy.
Look up child.
You are seen. You are loved.
You are never alone.

[You Know My Name – Tasha Cobbs Leonard]

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