There is a lot swirling together in the poem (posted earlier today). I would appreciate feedback. I am considering separating this into two different poems with the same thread. As with the world, so much to process. People put thoughts into categories or boxes where they can contain them. I see the intersection– the common thread in every situation. What are we truly fighting? I tried to process these thoughts earlier today on my other blog [LINK HERE]. Perhaps I’ve simply been silent too long. Thoughts are gushing out like a fire hydrant. Where to begin?

Who are they?
Those that don’t look like us?
Talk like us?
Spend their Sunday morning like us?

Who are they?
People who call the Creator worthy
Yet creation seems to have no value.
Dismiss facts as a bunk.
Concerned for the here and now
Concerned where they and them will spend eternity
Where will their descendants live
To carry the message they hope will continue.
Save souls but not the planet.

Who are they?
They who stand against injustice.
They who’s voices were shushed
Oppressed and told to conform.
They who stand to be heard
Joined by dark souls with selfish intentions.
Bastardizing the opportunity to be heard
Their time to destroy
Looting this time when injustice has a voice.

Who are they?
Those who uphold justice
A call to duty
Lives on the line
Not just their own
A huge price to pay for merely a wage.
They too
Joined by dark souls with selfish intentions.
Bastardizing the opportunity to serve
Empowered with selfish intent
Cold metal in their grip
Cold in the heart.
Was it cold from the start?
Did it ice over time?
Has the punishment always fit the crime?

Who are they?
They are we.
We are us.
We cannot dismiss that they are us.
We cannot put they in boxes with them.
Judge one another by our race
Judge one another by our creed
Judge one another by our uniform
Judge one another for the sins of another.
We cannot judge one another
And expect the world to change.

We cannot continue this war of they against them.

One thought on “They

  1. I liked this piece because it exposes the fact that :everyone” put others in the ” they box. It’s like they are always referred to as beneath whoever’s is talking. I am going to use this writing to check myself, before putting people in a box to judge and discard, I will look for myself in them and love like Jesus loves. Not try DO IT. Thks Lisa


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