How long can I bear

This weight


Sits on my mind

Inside my heart

Pulses through by body

My entire being cannot escape

I try to run

It follows

Death is not the answer

At least not death that comes in my control

Do I put myself in harms way

Risk taker

In the line of fire

Fast remedy


Not that

My pain becomes someone else’s

Perhaps a diagnosis

Ignore the signs

A slow painful death

Worse than this pain

My maker knows my heart

When we meet

Will His wrath be worse

Than the pain I feel now

Will He understand

Welcome me home

Will He say

Well done

You held on so long

I wanted to carry that load

You wouldn’t let go

I know your heart

I made you

Not to fit in

To be in the shadows

In the trenches

With the weak

Shining My light

A beacon of hope

As each returns home

You will finally see

The tapestry

Dark threads

Woven with light

Then I will rest

No more sorrow

No more pain

I trust

That day will come

Not on my watch

On His

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